Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Opinion/Thoughts on the Financial Crisis

As everyone knows, America's economy is going down. And of corse, this is a great problem, due to the fact that the world is so globalized. The reason this happened was because of the bank giving people loans that they can't afford.
 Now it's time for my opinion. I think that this whole situation could have been avoided if people didn't take out loans unless they really needed them. Why would you buy stuff that you don't have money to pay for? And also, the government shouldn't have LET people take out so many loans! It's honestly ludicrous how this could have happened. All this could lead to another Great Depression! That's my biggest fear. I've read things about the Great Depression, and my mom talked to me about it, and that was an absolutely horrid time in American history, and no one really wants to repeat that. I'm really nervous as to how this problem is going to turn out. 

And that's my opinion/thoughts! Next time I'll try reading more to be more enlightened on the subject. This time I didn't really read that much. So, yes. 


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Dana said...

My thoughts on the world's economic problems. Greed, power, and living beyond your means. Buying material things that you really cannot afford in the first place. Trying to live like King Henry the 8th, when you are not. The funny part is King Henry was flat broke when he died.
People need to use common sense and learn to save their money for those things that they really wish for.
Then it is completely paid for.
Happiness starts inside of your own heart first. You cannot buy happiness. Too many people think you can for some odd reason.
Reuse items in your home for other needs. Recycle products, grow your own vegetables or buy at your local farmers market.
Do all your errands in one big trip and make it a great day doing so.
Feed your local birds, so that way they will hang around and eat all those insects that are harmful to your plants out of your garden.
Be real about who you are and where you are going in life.
If you buy stocks, you need to do your homework on these companies daily before you seriously invest in those companies. Start at the top and see just "how" involved this CEO is in his company.
Just a few of my bablings on here.
I just adore stopping by here to read your thoughts. Your quite the gal. Thanks~ Dana