Friday, October 24, 2008

My Thoughts/Opinions on Pencils

I know this title may leave you questioning my sanity, but just hear me out. I have severe problems with sharpening pencils. Sometimes they'll be sharpened a little bit, but that is never good enough for me. The pencil sharpened I have in my pencil case always breaks the point off my pencils, so I hate it. Usually I use a led pencil, but I ran out of led two days ago. 
Something about unsharpened pencils bothers me on a deep level. I can't explain it. So I always use led pencils, and they are quite effective for my everyday use. If I had a choice, I would always use pens. If all pens were erasable, I would use them all the time for everything. I honestly believe that pens are easier to use, except for the fact that you can't erase them.  I need some erasable pens. 

Ok, you most likely are questioning my sanity at this point. But honestly, I'm running low on ideas. I need some sort of sudden inspiration to help me think of a topic for next week. 


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