Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Thoughts/Opinions on Abortion

Ok, so I haven't been on here in ages!! But I don't want to do my homework, so here's my opinion on abortion....

First of all, I think it's up to the woman.

To an extent.

If she was raped, or if she was too young, or something like that, I think it's perfectly fine.

If she just doesn't want it, ehh..... I guess.

If she continually gets abortions, heck no! That's where I draw the line. That's just stupid.

Most people make the argument that you shouldn't kill a living person. And I see what they're saying, but honestly, it hasn't even fully developed yet. and I had a better arguement that I can't think of right now.

Anyway, I just don't see why a poor girl raped in the streets should have to go through with giving birth to a child she can't take care of. And I know she could just give up the child when it's born, but there's a risk of death during childbirth!

It honestly depends on many different factors. And I'm not saying "LET'S ALL GO OUT AND GET ABORTIONS!!!" I'm saying that sometimes, they're acceptable. Not that I'm super happy about that, but if I was raped, I know I wouldn't want to have to go through pregnancy and childbirth. I'm SIXTEEN! I have school to focus on (and I'm even terrible at that!)!

And that's my (lame) opinion.