Friday, October 24, 2008

My Thoughts/Opinions on Pencils

I know this title may leave you questioning my sanity, but just hear me out. I have severe problems with sharpening pencils. Sometimes they'll be sharpened a little bit, but that is never good enough for me. The pencil sharpened I have in my pencil case always breaks the point off my pencils, so I hate it. Usually I use a led pencil, but I ran out of led two days ago. 
Something about unsharpened pencils bothers me on a deep level. I can't explain it. So I always use led pencils, and they are quite effective for my everyday use. If I had a choice, I would always use pens. If all pens were erasable, I would use them all the time for everything. I honestly believe that pens are easier to use, except for the fact that you can't erase them.  I need some erasable pens. 

Ok, you most likely are questioning my sanity at this point. But honestly, I'm running low on ideas. I need some sort of sudden inspiration to help me think of a topic for next week. 


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Thoughts/Opinions on Friendship

There are many different kinds of friendships. 
First there's acquaintances. From the perspective of a teenager like me, acquaintances are that person who you ask for help every day in class and you talk to sometimes. Acquaintances are always great to have when  you're confused in class, or you need to tell someone some trivial news that you heard last period. 
Then there are friends. Friends are the people who you talk to a lot and they say 'hi' in the hallway. Friends are good for telling small problems that you need help with when your bff's aren't there. 
BFF's are the ones who are with you all the time and are always there for you, and you love them <3.>
Finally, there are "Soul Siblings" as I like to call them. That's the person who you've known since forever, and you both know everything about each other. Also, they're the first person you go to if something good or bad happens. They're the person you can't live without, and that you have to be in constant communication with (for me, that's my cousin, Carly.) 

It's always a great thing to have all the different types of friends. But of course you have to be careful when it comes to who you tell what. 

In seventh grade, I became friends with a girl who went to my elementary school, but I never really was that great of friends with her. As the year progressed, she and I became closer and closer until we were BFF's. I always thought that some of her friends didn't like me, but I brushed that off and didn't worry about it. Little did I know that it would affect my friendship. One day, my friend Alli told me that my friend was saying bad things about me in Art Class.  Feeling hurt, I went to the guidance counselor. We talked about it and she said she was sorry, but things were never the same between us. I really wish that we could have stayed friends, but she obviously had other ideas. 

That situation made me a bit hesitant in making acquaintances. I am now more afraid of how I act in front of people, so that they do not make assumptions about me or say rude things about me behind my back. 

I believe that friendship is an extremely important part of life. Friends are the people that keep you going strong. Honestly, I have no idea what I would do without my friends. I probably honestly would have been dead now. My friends are so important to me, as other people's friends are important to them. 

And although friendships change as people move in and out of our lives, the feeling of friendship is an irrevocable bond that keeps the memories that we have with our friends vivid and alive in our hearts. 

Thanks for reading, my friends! 


P.S. Sorry it took so long to write, I was busy most of this week, and other times I was lazy :P.
P.P.S. The original draft of this I wrote on my calculator.  (for the full story on that, go to
see?^ (It's kinda hard to read, but you can see the letters) 

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Thoughts/Opinions on Teenagers

I know this is an unexpected post, but hey, surprises are always good!

Today in Public Speaking class, there was a presentation on teen pregnancy, and it made me start thinking. I was thinking about how honestly stupid teenagers are today. Now of corse not all teenagers are stupid, but a lot of them are doing stupid stuff.  
Examples: drugs, drinking, having sex, etc. 
I think it's absolutely stupid for teenagers to do things like drugs and such. I really don't understand the draw of substances that you know can kill you! I mean, that is the point of DARE, isn't it? To make sure that people know the harmful effects that drugs have on your body and mind! And I know people that have gone through the DARE program, and still do drugs! It makes me feel so defeated when I try to get them to see the light. 
I know I can't change the world, but I still get defeated when I fail at it. 
Even if I could change one person's mind, I would feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that would make me so happy! 

I just don't understand the draw of underage drinking either. Is it really worth all the trouble? I could make an entire list of the bad things about underage drinking, and I bet it would be way longer than the good things! Here we go.... 
SOME of the bad things about drinking underage..
  1. You could die from alcohol poisoning 
  2. You could get arrested
  3. You could get raped
  4. You could drink and drive
  5. You could get arrested for drinking and driving
  6. You could get arrested for driving without a license (if you don't have a license)
  7. You could kill someone while driving drunk
  8. You could make a fool of yourself in front of everyone
  9. You could have sex with someone you don't like 
  10. You could get a disease from having sex with that person
  11. You could get pregnant from having sex with that person (Or you could get that person pregnant) 
  12. If you get arrested, it could keep you from getting a good job 
and the list goes on! Honestly, it's absolutely ludicrous (I think ludicrous is my favorite word!). 
It's also disgusting. So many teenagers are throwing their lives away by making careless decisions. 

I always wanted to be popular. But when I hear the "popular" people talk about the parties that they have, I start thinking "Is that what I really want?". 
I heard someone tell a story about a boy who was drinking, and he died for a minute.  His heart stopped beating!  I find that to be HUGE problem. 

Why are teenagers so dumb sometimes?!?!

That's all for now. Still check in on Wednesday the 15th. I have an early dismissal because of PSAT's that we're taking. 


Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Opinion/Thoughts on wars and peace

Today, October 9th, would have been John Lennon's 68th birthday. Being a HUGE Beatles fan, this means a lot to me. Because John Lennon was such an advocate of peace, I feel that I should do a post on my opinions on war and peace. 

First of all, war disgusts me. Reading All Quiet on the Western Front as my summer reading this year only heightened that. I feel that war is just so mindless and senseless. I really wish that there was no war, as do many people. I really just don't understand why wars have to happen! Maybe if people were just kinder to one another, wars wouldn't be necessary. 

My feelings about America's war in Iraq, however, are contradictory. So much that I'm even a little confused myself. My first reaction is always "It's war, war is bad!", but when I actually think about it I see another perspective. 

What if someone started a war in the US, or what if another 9/11 happened? 

I definitely think, at any rate, that more should be done to stop Al-Queda, as they are the reason for the 9/11 attacks in the first place. 

I actually wrote a poem about War a month or two ago.

Death,  destruction, pointless, senseless, murder, killing, sorrow, weapons, poorly waisted money, unfinished lives,  corpses laying in the battlefield , memories scarred forever, disgusting, pain, hurt, ignorance, greed, false superiority, confusion, stupidity, blood, terror, fear, sadness, anger, power, hate, misunderstanding, restlessness, lives waisted,  nothing gained.  

It's sort of like a list of things about things i think about when I think of war, but it can work as a poem, I believe. 

I love peace. Whether it be global peace or inner peace, it makes me happy. Peace signs are my favorite accessories. But I know that wearing peace signs is not the same as being an advocate of peace. I absolutely would love to be an advocate of peace, but I'm too lazy. Silly me! Still, I feel that peace is substantially important to the world, because if we just had peace, so many worries would be taken care of!

We wouldn't need to have armies, which would mean that money spent on the army would be used for other things, such as for solving the financial crisis. 
With no wars, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends all across America wouldn't be worrying every day if they'd ever see the soldier they love again. 
And not even only in America! Anywhere where there are wars, people are worrying whether their favorite soldier will come back alive!  

It's absolutely ludicrous that wars are so prevalent across the globe. That people are so selfish, greedy, and ignorant, that they would actually want wars to happen. 

It sickens me. 

And on that very positive and happy note, I have decided to end this post. I am planning for my next post to be on Wednesday, October 15th. 

I hope you check in to read it! 


Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Opinion/Thoughts on the Financial Crisis

As everyone knows, America's economy is going down. And of corse, this is a great problem, due to the fact that the world is so globalized. The reason this happened was because of the bank giving people loans that they can't afford.
 Now it's time for my opinion. I think that this whole situation could have been avoided if people didn't take out loans unless they really needed them. Why would you buy stuff that you don't have money to pay for? And also, the government shouldn't have LET people take out so many loans! It's honestly ludicrous how this could have happened. All this could lead to another Great Depression! That's my biggest fear. I've read things about the Great Depression, and my mom talked to me about it, and that was an absolutely horrid time in American history, and no one really wants to repeat that. I'm really nervous as to how this problem is going to turn out. 

And that's my opinion/thoughts! Next time I'll try reading more to be more enlightened on the subject. This time I didn't really read that much. So, yes. 


Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Purpose

Hello to anyone who's stumbled across this blog. My goal of this blog is to state my opinion on different things that are going on around the world. I will read up on some important world topics, or just state my opinion of prior knowledge, and then read up on it. Either way, I will eventually write my informed opinion on the topic. 

Also, if anyone has any suggestions of what I could read /write my opinion about, feel free to leave a comment for me. 

I will try to post my first real entry as soon as I can, but I do have homework to do. So maybe tomorrow, or some time this weekend.