Friday, October 10, 2008

My Thoughts/Opinions on Teenagers

I know this is an unexpected post, but hey, surprises are always good!

Today in Public Speaking class, there was a presentation on teen pregnancy, and it made me start thinking. I was thinking about how honestly stupid teenagers are today. Now of corse not all teenagers are stupid, but a lot of them are doing stupid stuff.  
Examples: drugs, drinking, having sex, etc. 
I think it's absolutely stupid for teenagers to do things like drugs and such. I really don't understand the draw of substances that you know can kill you! I mean, that is the point of DARE, isn't it? To make sure that people know the harmful effects that drugs have on your body and mind! And I know people that have gone through the DARE program, and still do drugs! It makes me feel so defeated when I try to get them to see the light. 
I know I can't change the world, but I still get defeated when I fail at it. 
Even if I could change one person's mind, I would feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that would make me so happy! 

I just don't understand the draw of underage drinking either. Is it really worth all the trouble? I could make an entire list of the bad things about underage drinking, and I bet it would be way longer than the good things! Here we go.... 
SOME of the bad things about drinking underage..
  1. You could die from alcohol poisoning 
  2. You could get arrested
  3. You could get raped
  4. You could drink and drive
  5. You could get arrested for drinking and driving
  6. You could get arrested for driving without a license (if you don't have a license)
  7. You could kill someone while driving drunk
  8. You could make a fool of yourself in front of everyone
  9. You could have sex with someone you don't like 
  10. You could get a disease from having sex with that person
  11. You could get pregnant from having sex with that person (Or you could get that person pregnant) 
  12. If you get arrested, it could keep you from getting a good job 
and the list goes on! Honestly, it's absolutely ludicrous (I think ludicrous is my favorite word!). 
It's also disgusting. So many teenagers are throwing their lives away by making careless decisions. 

I always wanted to be popular. But when I hear the "popular" people talk about the parties that they have, I start thinking "Is that what I really want?". 
I heard someone tell a story about a boy who was drinking, and he died for a minute.  His heart stopped beating!  I find that to be HUGE problem. 

Why are teenagers so dumb sometimes?!?!

That's all for now. Still check in on Wednesday the 15th. I have an early dismissal because of PSAT's that we're taking. 



Lydia said...

Yeah, I guess teenagers make thier own mistakes though

Vanessa said...


Teen for democracy said...

First let me say thank your for following my blog, however....
I see your point in drugs and sex being abused and very dangerouse, but if done responsably (a little oxy-moron) they can still be done with much less risk. I know people who smoke weed but still do well in school, I know people who smoke weed and are currently rotting in the slammer. Its not a joint(lol get it?) thing with teens as much as it is individual teens that give the rest a bad name. you never hear about people who are wicked succesful and still smoke weed, but one hears about drug busts and teen pregnancy ALL THE TIME. Its a bit cliche, but it has a lot to do with the media, and what they think the people want to hear.

So yea thanks for following, and I shall do the same for you, you have a very interestin point of view :)

Rebecca said...

Great post! You are a talented writer.